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Lesson: How To Line Your Upper Lash Line

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Makeup Lesson Video this Makeup Tutorial teaches techniques for Eyeliner!
I will demonstrate how to create the Line Behind your Upper Eyelashes!
This Applies To All Eye Makeup Looks
I show how to create the Line using а Few different methods:
EyeShadow EyeliningNatural Beauty Eyeliner
Pencil EyelinerEveryday Beauty Eyeliner
Gel Eyeliner Intense Beauty Eyeliner
Liquid Liner Pinup Beauty Eyeliner
What you need to get started on your Makeup Lesson:
1. An Eye Makeup Remover Nothing too Oily Suggestion Makeup Removing Wipes
2. You will Need а Pencil Eyeliner this method Doesnt Require а Brush
3. Angle Brush for an Eyeshadow Eyeliner Look, Gel Eyeliner Look
4. If you want to learn Liquid Eyeliner use а Thin Eyelining Brush Dont use the Hideous Applicators they come w/ too MESSY
If you need one go to а Craft Store and get а Thin Piant Brush I do it all the time
You can fix any Eyelining Mistakes w/ an Angle Brush and а Matching Eyeshadow
By placing the Eyeshadow over the smudge with your Angle Brush and Dragging it
Products I used in this Video:
MAC Angle Brush #263- any angle brush will do
MAC Eyelining Brush#210 -any eyelining brush will do
MAC Eyeshadow in Carbon any Black or Brown eyeshadow will do
MAC Fluidline Gel Eyeliner in BlackTrack / Suggestion Loreal Hip Gel Eyeliner
MAC Liquid Eyeliner in Boot Black/ Suggestion Avon Liquid Liner in Black

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