The B Girls Trailer

This show follows five young ladies as they prepare for the MISS USA or MISS TEEN USA competitions. The two ladies representing NV WA for the MISS USA are Georgina Vaughan Miss Nevada USA 2009 and Tara Turnure Miss Washington USA 2009 and the three young ladies representing ID, NV WA for the MISS TEEN USA are Marissa Wickland Miss Idaho Teen USA 2009, Ileri Tunrarebi Miss Nevada Teen USA 2009 and Sadie Porter Miss Washington Teen USA 2009. Each of these ladies was cast in the debut season of the B girls as the state titleholder of their respective residential states. Although not always willingly, these ladies divulge their preparation secrets including the development of great interview skills, searching for fashionable wardrobe, discovering beauty tips, and working on overall health fitness. In addition, this show focuses in on the goal-oriented, daily lives and charitable deeds of these ambitious women. The MISS USA pageant will be telecast on April 19th from Las Vegas live on NBC Universal. The MISS TEEN USA pageant will be on July 31st from Paradise Island in the Bahamas.

"The B Girls Trailer ".

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