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Beauty Mantra - Defying Age - Health Beauty Tips

Beauty Mantra - Defying Age - Health Beauty Tips. Busy lifestyle, stress and pollution lead to wrinkles much earlier than when they should actually appear. In this episode, expert Dr. Sumita Prajapati elaborates on the natural remedial steps and 108 energy points which help in anti-ageing. Care World Channels Beauty Mantra is а show for every woman who wants to look beautiful by enhancing her looks by way of home remedies rather than opting for temporary cosmetic solutions. The host, Dr. Divya Mangal, takes the audiences through the pros of using home remedies for solving skin and hair problems and the cons of using cosmetic products that may lead to various problems in the long term. Worth а dekko for women who believe in staying beautiful, the natural way! Log on to rajshri. com to watch more beauty, health Yoga tips.

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