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2010 - Practial Guide - How to Shave your head Step by Step - for Girls

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Practical Guide to Girls on HOW TO shave your Head for Equality - Step by Step tips from clearing your Starting-Point to cutting your hair and how to protect your newly shaved head from the sun -

1. Scissors - useful if you have long hair or want to cut in sections and play with the hair first
2. Shaver - There are many types and variations to look around and find one that suits your needs.
3. Razor - Some razors can cause rashes and preferably use just water and no foam or soap.

Dare being forever bald and making the visual Stand that shows that you will not accept anything less than All Beings being Equal and that you will shave your head until you die to make а visual impact on the world - Remove the idea of beauty and sexuality and release yourself from fear and personality - Stop using chemical products that makes the Earth ugly to make you feel beautiful - it is not worth it! It is easy as а snip, snip, snip - Dare to make the move! Enjoy!

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